Jun 18, 2010

Summer bucket list

I've been inspired by a few bloggers out there posting summer lists - one dubbed it their Summer Bucket List and another their Summer Doozy List. I like the idea of making a list of things I'd like to accomplish this summer - many fun, some not so much, but needed. Most things to do with my kiddos, or our family, some just for me. I'm sure I'll think of more things to add, but this alone would keep things hopping this summer!

  1. berry picking
  2. hiking with both kiddos
  3. baby proof
  4. sign up for library summer reading program
  5. get organized for just between friends fall sale
  6. make homemade icecream
  7. girls night out
  8. pick house paint colors
  9. trip to beach
  10. re-screen sliding glass door
  11. more playscape areas in the backyard
  12. construct see-through plexiglass easel 
  13. wash windows
  14. get our yard back in shape
  15. make more time to get myself in better shape!
  16. sneak in some summer sewing
  17. organize photo files (honestly, this one frightens me!)
  18. a date (or two) with trey
  19. tattoo/piercing adventure with andee
  20. grill out often
  21. more dinners on the deck with friends
  22. set up corner garden and composter
  23. thoroughly wash car, inside & out
  24. try new recipes weekly
  25. get a head start on Christmas gifts
  26. new kitchen curtains, our bedroom too while I'm at it!
  27. take a child/infant CPR class
  28. clean out walk-in closet (goodwill, here I come!)
  29. transfer Delaney's baby videos to disk
  30. try more of these fun ideas
  31. figure out how to organize this beautiful mess

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  1. SO glad I found your great blog. Thanks for finding me and following. I love meeting new followers. I reciprocated! :)