Feb 25, 2010

Child's art re-purposed

My sister-in-law inspired this project - she makes lovely, custom cards as a gift for us each Christmas by recycling paintings my nieces have done throughout the year. Art is prolific in our house as well, so I am thrilled whenever I find a new way to re-purpose some of the beautiful paintings created by my daughter that have the unfortunate tendency to pile up unappreciated. This simple, satisfying project is a sweet way to share your child's artistic talent with family and friends!

You'll only need a few supplies to put together this project - white cardstock paper, solid colored scrapbooking paper, your child's masterpieces and twine or ribbon. Additional embellishments, like the butterflies I used, are optional.

Each sheet of cardstock makes two cards - simply cut one sheet in half to make two 5.5 x 8.5" sheets and then fold in half to create 4.25 x 5.5" cards. I created a border around the art by reducing each layer by 1/2" - cut the solid colored scrapbook paper into 3.5 x 4.75" segments and the art into 3.25 x 4.5" segments. Glue the solid square onto the front of the card and the art onto the solid square, and then place the cards under a stack of heavy books to dry completely before further embellishing, to ensure each layer adheres well. Adding embellishments is optional - next time I might use clear address labels to print my daughter's name, date and the title of the painting on the front of the card, to document the art without being too obtrusive. Finally, bundle a handful of cards together with coordinating envelopes and tie with twine or ribbon and you have a very sweet gift ready to give. Make sure to keep a stash on hand for your own thank you and thinking of you note writing too!

Feb 15, 2010


These were Delaney's Valentines to give to preschool friends this year. Crayon hearts were our creative alternative as it was requested that we bring candy-free valentines to share. We actually found a lot of great ideas - not all candy free though! Some of our favorites are listed below. The template for this colorful heart card can be found here.

It's also worth mentioning a couple of tips for those who make their own heart crayons. First, use one of the flexible, silicone muffin pans instead of a metal pan - the crayons pop right out of silicone. Second, we found that crayons that list "washable" on the carton create a thin, clear layer of wax on top, making that side unusable.


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